Miniature Poodles and Sheltiedoodles

Here at Pilyara Kennels we breed Miniature Poodles and Sheltiedoodles

In size, miniature poodles are halfway between the large standards and the tiny toys. In my opinion they’re the ideal size for a family pet – not too big, but robust enough to cope with kids. They are intelligent, athletic dogs who love companionship and are easy to get along with. Although they are occasionally characterized as a finicky breed, miniature poodles are actually wonderful family dogs thanks to their smarts, their eager-to-please attitude, and their gentle demeanor with kids and other pets. They’re an easy breed to train, low-allergen, and low-odor, so they fit in well with most homes and families. Their low-shedding curly coats have the benefit of being nearly hypoallergenic.

I fell in love with sheltiedoodles after a family member purchased one. They are a poodle/shetland sheepdog mix, and very rare in Australia. However in the United States they are one of the most popular designer breeds. These dogs are energetic, athletic, and extremely intelligent. Their small to medium size and low-shed coats mean they are a good fit for a variety of lifestyles. Sheltiedoodles do well with children and other pets and love to be kept busy working or playing with their family.

Poodle and sheltiedoodle litters are occasionally available.